The 411


Y’all, these are my current obsession that I use on the daily.


Okay, so if you have never tried any Tarte products, I recommend that you change that and invest in these bad boys! I use all three of these products every night. I use the Clarisonic Mia with the deep dive cleansing gel and since I have started using the two in conjunction I have noticed a HUGE change in my face. After I wash my face, I use the marine boosting mist and oh goodness, this mist not only smells amazing, it also soaks completely into my face and I feel instantly rejuvenated. After the mist I use the Maracuja oil and since I have started using it my skin has felt so soft and my dry patches have completely gone away! 


If you don’t have essential oils in your house/apartment then you need to do some serious soul searching and invest in this liquid gold! These oils are just a FEW of the different oils that I have in my collection that I use on pretty much a daily basis. If I am feeling congested, I use a little of the Breathe blend. Do I have a headache? Peppermint on the temples and nape of my neck and it is gone almost instantly. Oils have so many uses and I am so glad that I have invested in these.