If you know anything about me, you know that I have HORRIBLE vision and I spend a FORTUNE on glasses and contacts. More so on contacts because I wear dailies and they are a pretty penny. But I digress…

About 2 weeks ago I ordered a pair of glasses off zenniopitcal.com and they arrived yesterday and I AM OBSESSED with them! The ordering process was SO EASY, all I needed was my most recent eyeglass prescription from my eye doctor and I just had to enter what was on the paper into their system and that was it. After that, I was able to upload a picture of my face to the website so I could see how the frames would look on my face. I was able to “try on” frames before actually buying them which I loved! After “trying on” about 20 pairs, I narrowed my choices down to 3 different frames… looking at each and every frame shape and color on my face in order to decide which pair would be the first pair I ordered.

I settled on the pair below for $29.95 and then it came down to picking the color frame I wanted. The frame I decided on comes in four different colors and it was honestly and easy choice for me to rule out 2 of the four colors because they were green and blue and I just knew I wouldn’t ever wear them. I was then left with a choice of black or gray and being that the pair of glasses I have been wearing for the last few years were black I decided the get the gray and I am so glad that I did! I love them so much.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.31.09 PM

The frames I ordered as well as me “trying them on”

After deciding on my frames, I was then taken to pick what kind of lenses I wanted and what add ons I wanted from antiglare to UV blocking to polarized or photochromic. All these options had numerous options under them varying in price. I picked the recommended choices for my UV blocking and antiglare as well as their standard blue anti-reflective glare. My options totaled $16.95.

My total for these glasses was a WHOPPING $47.16… let me repeat that for you. I got these glasses, frames and lenses and everything for LESS THAN FIFTY DOLLARS!! I can’t go to Costco and get glasses for that cheap even with my eye insurance.


I honestly cannot recommend Zenni Optical more for the budget conscious glasses wearer. I am about to order pair number 2 because I had such a great experience with them and the glasses that I ordered. I tried getting y’all a discount code to use if you wanted to order but they weren’t offering any at the moment but I will keep trying! Until then, check them out and maybe you too can get a new pair of glasses for less $50 like I did!

If you have ANY questions about my experience or anything please comment or email me! I would love to help!


**disclaimer- I was not paid or asked for this review. It was done on my own free will because I wanted to share my experience with my readers**

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