I have just come to the realization that it has been OVER TWO MONTHS since I have posted ANYTHING! My life has been so busy the last two-ish months that I am even surprised I am awake right now. Here is a short break down of what has been going on these last few months of my life.

The months of February and March were SOOOOO busy for me. Between work and visits home and trips and a sickness that I thought would never go away, I was EXHAUSTED! I literally let EVERYTHING in my life go down the drain because I just had no energy whatsoever! I started eating like crap, not working out, letting my apartment get disgusting, and pretty much my life was in COMPLETE shambles.

BUT, now I am done with trips for the most part, I am finally healthy, I am back on my diet, and working out religiously and I FEEL GREAT! I am still working on the whole “cleaning the apartment” thing but baby steps people baby steps!!

I am going to compile a few blog posts to post automatically so that I don’t have to worry about leaving y’all hanging for months at a time again. Which I am SO SORRY about. I wish I could say that I was off doing exciting and adventurous things but in all honesty, laziness hit me and it overwhelmed me after all of traveling and sicknesses but I won’t let it happen again!

So be on the lookout for some blog posts throughout the next few weeks that chronicle the trips I took in February and March as well as the wedding that I am in next week. I will also be doing some throwback posts to my visit to Hawaii in January because who doesn’t just love my posts about Hawaii?!

So stay tuned for all the exciting things coming and let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to see or want to see me post! I am for pretty much anything within reason!


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