Offer it up

The lord works in mysterious ways let me tell you that. I have learned that and I am thankful for that. Having a relationship with Jesus has been the turning point for my life in more ways than I can count. 

I was born to a Catholic family and was baptized and raised catholic. I grew up going to mass on Sunday’s and went about the motion of standing, sitting, kneeling, and repeating what my parents and priest said and did. I never knew why we did what we did in mass and I never felt like I had a relationship with God like I was supposed to as a child. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I actually discovered my relationship with God and welcomed him into my life.

Now before I lose you, this isn’t going to be some blog post about how you should welcome Jesus into your life or me asking if you have time to talk about Jesus. This is just a quick post for me to say that since I have accepted Jesus, things have turned around.

There are days where I feel like the Lord is testing me and trying to see how I will turn away from the devil and his misguidances. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I just followed the tempting offers from the devil and turned my back from my relationship with God. But then I remember that I am where I am because I put my trust in the Lord and his plan for me and my life.

I put my faith in His plan for me when I moved out to Texas. I put my trust in Him and His plan and so far so good on what I have accomplished in my life. There has come times where I feel like maybe just MAYBE I can take control of my own life and He shows me that I am in fact wrong and He pushes me to where I should be going.

I am a firm believer that if I want something bad enough, I can pray on it and ask God for signs that what I am doing aligns with his plan for me. That’s why having a relationship with Jesus is so special to me because it makes praying so much easier. It doesn’t feel like a chore and it is more like me having a conversation with God talking about my goals and dreams and it just so great!

So this is my prayer for today: “Dear Jesus, please guide me in your name and show me what your plan for me is. Please show me that what I am doing in my day to day life is what you want from me. I ask that you guide me through my choices and deliver me to the best path I can go down. Jesus I know that what you will bring to me is better than anything I can accomplish on my own and I am so thankful for you and for you being in my life. I ask that you show me love and prosperity. I pray that I find happiness in everything that I do and am able to settle down in the plan that you have for me. I pray that you show me that what I am doing in my day to day life is what I should be doing. I ask this in your name, Amen.”


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