I have sat here trying to figure out how I can put into words just how bad my wanderlust is at this moment. I am a self identified free-spirit and I think my family and anyone close to me would agree with this. I have always been the type of child to do my own thing, make my own rules, and explore my surroundings. That same desire to explore and do my own thing has transpired to wanderlust as an adult.

noun-a-strong-innate-desire-to-rove-or-travel-aboutI moved out of my parents house and across the country at 23. I became what some would call a “real adult”. At that moment, I started my first big girl job, started paying my own bills, and started providing for myself for the first time in my life. Not many 23 years these days can say that they have done that or are still doing that. At almost 25, I am getting the itch to see where my life will take me to next.

I thought maybe moving apartments would satisfy my need for a change of scenery, but I think that I might have been wrong. I love Dallas so much, and I am so glad that this was the first place that I got to experience adulthood but it hasn’t subdued my desire to see more and explore more.

I signed a 12-month lease in November of 2016, that means that I am here until November 2017… however, I am not above breaking a lease or find someone to sublet and take over the remainder of my lease if the opportunity for me to chase my next adventure came along!

I have found myself looking up airline flight prices, hotel prices, and open jobs in the Kailua-Kona area more regularly than ever before. It is becoming a daily and nightly thing for me now. When I said my wanderlust was bad, I wasn’t kidding. It has gotten to the point that my family is now joking about when I will be packing up and starting this new adventure of mine that they know is inevitable.

Also, as a side note, this post has taken me about 2 and a half days to comprise because life is busy y’all… I tried to tell myself that I would post a blog post everyday but that is clearly next to impossible for me. I finally have a break at work (hello napping children!) so I am going to try and crank out a few more posts while they are sleeping and schedule those bad boys! Stay tuned y’all!


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