I have always been the kind of person that when I want to be organized I make a list. I don’t particularly stick to said list but I like to think that there is some part of me that is a list follower. Whether it be when I am packing, grocery shopping, or cleaning, I like to at least make a mental list and check things off as I go.

I have learned though, that grocery shopping with a list, be it on your phone or a handwritten note, is so much easier than going up and down the aisles trying to figure out what it is that I actually need. I would like to get better at making personal to-do lists and actually sticking to them for longer than just a week or two which is my downfall when I start list making.

I am also the kind of person that is a HUGE pro/con list maker when a decision really needs to be thought out or when I am making a major life change. I made a pro/con list before moving to Texas in 2015, be it was a short list and the pros definitely outweighed the cons tenfold. I make pro/cons lists pretty much all the time and today, I am going to outline my pro/con list for why I think I could make it in Hawaii eventually.


  • I have had a special connection with the island since we spread my grandfathers ashes there a few years back
  • I have family in Hawaii that I don’t get to see very often and moving there would bring us closer together
  • I am an independent soul and try to make the best out of any situation
  • I live with the mentality that I can do anything for a year so when that year is almost up, I can reassess the situation and decide if I want to keep on or move on.
  • I could finally get scuba certified and enjoy the ocean even more than I already do
  • The weather is perfect like year round and I am so tired of being cold that I need warm weather
  • My family loves the island too, so they would have an excuse to visit one of their favorite places more often
  • There are no snakes on the island… let me repeat that, THERE ARE NO SNAKES ON THE ISLAND.
  • I have a serious case of wanderlust and never feel content unless I experience new things, and Hawaii would be a new welcomed experience.
  • There is NO daylight savings time in Hawaii so I wouldn’t have to deal with falling back or springing forward and then adjusting to gaining/losing an hour.
  • THIS would be my view all day everyday and it doesn’t get any prettier than this in my opinion0104_charlaphotography


  • I would be further away from my family than I already am living here in Texas


    This is my amazing family. 

  • I wouldn’t have any friends on the island, and making friends in a new place is really hard as an adult
  • I would be far away from my dog Winston, who my parents are currently watching and taking care of
  • I don’t have a job out there, or a place to stay in Hawaii and finding somewhere to stay/work when you don’t live locally is hard
  • The cost of living in Hawaii is RIDICULOUS! Especially because I live somewhere now where the cost of living is very low, this would be a HUGE adjustment to me
  • Healthcare isn’t the best over in Hawaii, there isn’t even a real hospital in Kona.
  • The cost of moving is already expensive, factor in moving across the ocean and the price has doubled, maybe even tripled if I take my car with me.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons at this moment. However, this isn’t a decision that I will be making alone. I want to get my family’s opinion and I am going to pray about it because He has a plan for me and I need to know if this is a part of his plan. I know whatever I chose to do, I will be supported and loved.


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