Over the weekend I was busy and didn’t have time to think of my Hawaiian dream or dwell on not being there. However, the weekend is over and now I am back to seeing which airline offers the cheapest tickets to Hawaii for a spontaneous trip back there ASAP!


When I was visiting Hawaii this past month, I didn’t get as sunburnt as I usually do but that didn’t stop my back and chest from peeling hardcore this go around. Which made me feel nostalgic of my trip and made my urge to go back to my island home even more intense.

Which brings me to today… I was THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS close to purchasing a ticket to Hawaii for THIS WEEKEND! I obviously didn’t because you know, impulses and all but I was so close. While researching plane tickets I found that depending on the month, day, week, Virgin America has relatively cheap airfare to Kahului/Maui and then I would just have to worry about getting an island hopper over to Kona. I mean, me going this weekend is TOTALLY doable. I have family on Kona that I am sure that I can stay with and there is always things to do in Kona so I wouldn’t be bored in the slightest. But honestly, even if there was nothing going on when I go back to visit, I wouldn’t be bored anyway. There is SO much to do in Hawaii, I mean just look at what is happening in Kona this weekend… screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-5-10-11-pm


There are 5 events happening this weekend alone on the Big Island! Like what?!

After talking myself out of taking a spontaneous trip to Hawaii and only giving my employers a 4 day notice, I decided that if I don’t get back out to Hawaii again this year I will be one sad, sad little hoale. As always, I might be being a little more dramatic than need be but, I’m dramatic… what can I say?!


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