I am not going to lie, I spend more time than I am willing to admit researching plane ticket prices from Dallas to Hawaii. Do I want to go in April as a late birthday trip? Do I want to go in September as a goodbye to summer? For a weekend? A whole week? Why do travel decisions have to be so difficult?

I stopped before purchasing tickets because you know, working on those impulse decisions. But it got me thinking, what if I did just purchase a ticket to Hawaii and took a random trip there? Would it be everything that I think it would be? Or would it be better than I am expecting? Would it still make me want to move there and make Hawaii home for a while?

I don’t think I will fully know the answers unless I take that jump and I act upon my impulse urges. So, I am going to buy that ticket. I am going to decide between April and September. I am going to make the trip last longer than a weekend so that I can fully experience what Hawaii would be like on my own if I were to move there.

I am also not going to lie one more time… I spent a large majority of nap time yesterday (I’m a nanny) looking up houses and condos for rent out on the Big Island… I am officially that person who wants this dream of theirs so bad that I am doing everything that I can to escape reality. Like I have said before, I love Dallas and I love the opportunities that I have been given here but I am so tired of pretending to be someone and something that I am not in order to be “successful” here. I need a change of pace. I need to do what I think is best for me. I will make this transition in my life and I will make Hawaii my new home. However, I won’t make this a traditional impulse… I will make it an informed impulse.

I koʻu naau a me ka uhane ka mea ma Hawaii


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